Geiranger Turbuss and Taxi

Discover Geiranger with us at GTB, Geiranger Turbuss & Taxi. We take you safely and securely to all destinations. Geiranger on Sunnmøre is one of Norway’s most visited tourist destinations. Here you will find Brudesløret, Flydalsjuvet, Dalsnibba, Ørnevegen and many exciting things to do.


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Some of our local tours: dalsnibba: 2 hours, flydalsjuvet: 1 hour, Ørnesvingen: 1 hour dalsnibba, Flydalsjuvet og ørnesvingen: 3 hours, Trollstigen: 4 hours, Briksdalsbreen og dalsnibba: 7 hours, ...


We are located in Geiranger, in the heart of Fjord Norway. It is becoming more and more popular to travel by bus. The proximity to boarding and alighting and comfort means a lot. More and more people are discovering this.